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Achieve the perfect blend of sound, style, and superb customer service with our expertise, passion and custom sound services for acoustical excellence.


Our offer

Create a space that sounds, looks, and feels welcoming to all.

Since 2003, we’ve been delivering top-tier sound solutions to commercial clients in
California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and other areas of the US.



Have a sound masking, paging or ambient music need?

Our experienced and friendly team works with the following client types to find the right answers.


Why choose us

Create a calming ambience that still makes an impact.

From sound masking to acoustic design, we ensure your commercial space is optimized for superior sound quality and comfort.

Just some reasons our clients love us:

Exclusive product offerings

Dynamic range of services

Visually pleasing designs

Competitive pricing

Quick lead time

Innovative installation process

Custom trials & demonstrations available



Flexibility, a quick ROI and multiple benefits.

Our full-service acoustic noise control, communication and ambient noise solutions help you take charge of your commercial space.

Enhance privacy

Increase comfort

Improve concentration & productivity

Optimize space & flexibility

Meet sustainability standards

Meet legal noise compliance standards

Eliminate noise transfer and cross talk

Create a more ambient & welcoming environment for guests


The ABC rule

The ABC Rule: Absorb Sound, Block Sound, Cover Sound

A three-pronged approach for optimal acoustics

Our comprehensive strategies for pre-construction, design, and installation are vital for achieving exceptional results.

While some issues can be addressed post-occupancy, neglecting acoustics from the start can result in higher costs and missed opportunities to optimize performance and privacy.

In short, a well-planned acoustic environment is one that has been planned to perfection as early as possible.

Involve Us in your project
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"The essential aspects of financial management for all type of businesses."

Daniel Castillo, Founder & Managing Director

Our Process

A full-service approach to seamless sound experiences.

01. Initial Discovery

Evaluating your acoustic needs, we’ll discuss how to create an exceptional auditory experience.

02. Design Phase

Turning your acoustic vision into reality, we’ll design sound solutions that blend seamlessly with your space

03. Design Review

Refining our sound solutions, we’ll ensure perfect alignment with your project's requirements.

04. Project Kick-Off

At Project Kick-Off, we’ll put our sound solutions into action, setting the stage for a successful acoustic transformation.

05. Installation

Our technicians will implement your sound solutions with precision, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance.

06. Project Closeout

Carrying out a comprehensive assessment, we’ll ensure our solutions meet your expectations before wrapping up your acoustic project.

07. Maintenance

If your commercial space is a fluid environment where people, furniture or other elements change, our System Performance Agreement (SPA) is a great option for you. It's a twice yearly optional plan that allows us to test the system after dynamics within your environment have changed, and ensures your system is always working at optimal performance.



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