Acoustic Excellence to Suit Your Environment.

Noise control, background music and paging systems for commercial premises.

Transform your space with sound you can control.

Create the perfect mood and ambience with curated music that complements your space.

Seamlessly broadcast announcements and important information across your premises.

Captivate visitors and customers with pleasing audio elements that elevate their interactions.



Unbeatable paging and ambient music systems delivered by an expert team.

Partnering with brands such as LogiSon, Bogen and TOA, we optimize your commercial audio and paging system to suit your environment, ensuring it's as reliable and effective as possible.

Our industry-leading solutions offer a comprehensive approach to acoustical management for your commercial space. Your entire system will be built and installed by our expert technicians, with a meticulous attention to detail and your unique needs in mind. Your workers, patrons, and other valuable stakeholders will enjoy superior acoustical quality and unmatched clarity.

We deliver exceptional results and a great return on investment!




With no need for additional sound equipment, LogiSon Acoustic Network® offers integrated paging and music capabilities within each Primary Hub, saving you space…and money!

With advanced zoning and priority paging options also available, you can maintain full control over your system — even in emergencies. 




With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Bogen is known for helping create auditory atmospheres that reflect the highest levels of professionalism and acoustic excellence.

From background and foreground music to programmable audio distribution and informative announcements — Bogen provides solutions for every eventuality.


TOA Electronics

TOA Electronics

TOA Electronics offers a versatile range of applications including paging systems, BGM broadcasting, emergency announcements, audio triggering, and much more.

Addressing the unique needs of your environment, TOA products can be adapted to ensure your communication needs are met, every time.


paging facts

Did you know?


Versatile Solutions

Our solutions are so versatile, we can install paging systems independently, utilizing technologies like LogiSon® for targeted communication.


Sound Masking Only

We can also implement sound masking solutions without paging or music components to simplify your system and reduce costs.


Paging/Music Only

We are using reliable brands such as Bogen or TOA Communications for seamless audio experiences.


Take full control

With centralized, integrated control of speakers — you set the tone for your commercial space

Embrace a new level of sound accuracy, scaling your acoustic network to match your needs.

With industry leading brands such as LogiSon®, Bogen, and TOA, you can take full control of your office or commercial venue and create a more welcoming and safe environment for those in it.

Fully customizable and adaptable to your short-term and long-term needs, we offer a complete solution to help you unlock new potential for your space.



With our custom paging and music systems you can:

Create a comfortable and pleasant ambience for employees and visitors

Ensure visitor safety with priority paging for emergency announcements

Eliminate distractions, improve focus and enjoy a quick and steady ROI with the right ambience for your environment.

Experience a seamless integration process for hassle-free implementation

Customize, scale and fine-tune your paging or music system to meet needs or changing requirements

Have the freedom to customize and fine-tune your paging or music system as needed

Our Process

A full-service approach to seamless sound experiences.

01. Initial Discovery

Evaluating your acoustic needs, we’ll discuss how to create an exceptional auditory experience.

02. Design Phase

Turning your acoustic vision into reality, we’ll design sound solutions that blend seamlessly with your space

03. Design Review

Refining our sound solutions, we’ll ensure perfect alignment with your project's requirements.

04. Project Kick-Off

At Project Kick-Off, we’ll put our sound solutions into action, setting the stage for a successful acoustic transformation.

05. Installation

Our technicians will implement your sound solutions with precision, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance.

06. Project Closeout

Carrying out a comprehensive assessment, we’ll ensure our solutions meet your expectations before wrapping up your acoustic project.

07. Maintenance

If your commercial space is a fluid environment where people, furniture or other elements change, our System Performance Agreement (SPA) is a great option for you. It's a twice yearly optional plan that allows us to test the system after dynamics within your environment have changed, and ensures your system is always working at optimal performance.


Project Request

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