Reduce Room-to-Room Noise Transfer

Affordable acoustical sound boot supply & installation.

Increase privacy, and optimize your space more effectively.

Deflect the path of sound with an innovative design that’s made to last.

Brands such as FlexaBoot are five times lighter than sheet metal return air boots and cost approx. 50% less.

With U.L. Classified Components - made in the USA, products from brands such as FlexaBoot ship fast and are easy to install.



Fast. Easy. Affordable.

From office buildings to healthcare facilities, take your first steps towards enhanced productivity, privacy and overall acoustic excellence with a sound boot kit that delivers superior sound control, is budget friendly, and is fast and easy to install.


Quick Setup

With a one-person setup, your acoustical sound boot can be installed in no time!

Products such as FlexaBoot are designed for quick and easy installation, saving you time, effort, and downtime for your business.

Get ready to enjoy superior sound control and transform your commercial space with minimal disruption.



Empower your team to focus and thrive in a tranquil environment.

Create an atmosphere that promotes productivity and enhances well-being.

With improved concentration, reduced distractions, and increased satisfaction among your team members, you can unlock the full potential of your business.

Unlock the full potential of your business with out breaking the bank.

Simple, but still innovative in its design, FlexaBoot is becoming an increasingly popular sound solution for banks, educational centers, office buildings, and so much more.

Just some of FlexaBoot’s highlights include:

Efficient noise reduction at a budget-friendly cost

Easy installation and seamless integration

Versatile 16" and 10" diameter sizing options to fit your space

Improved focus and productivity for your team

Our Process

A full-service approach to seamless sound experiences.

01. Initial Discovery

Evaluating your acoustic needs, we’ll discuss how to create an exceptional auditory experience.

02. Design Phase

Turning your acoustic vision into reality, we’ll design sound solutions that blend seamlessly with your space

03. Design Review

Refining our sound solutions, we’ll ensure perfect alignment with your project's requirements.

04. Project Kick-Off

At Project Kick-Off, we’ll put our sound solutions into action, setting the stage for a successful acoustic transformation.

05. Installation

Our technicians will implement your sound solutions with precision, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance.

06. Project Closeout

Carrying out a comprehensive assessment, we’ll ensure our solutions meet your expectations before wrapping up your acoustic project.

07. Maintenance

If your commercial space is a fluid environment where people, furniture or other elements change, our System Performance Agreement (SPA) is a great option for you. It's a twice yearly optional plan that allows us to test the system after dynamics within your environment have changed, and ensures your system is always working at optimal performance.


Project Request

Have a project for us? 

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