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Advanced Sound Masking Solutions for commercial buildings or hotels

Your staff, visitors, and other stakeholders will appreciate the environment you’ve created with our advanced sound masking technology

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Improve speech privacy and productivity with a sound masking solution developed specifically for your commercial space with brands such as LogiSon® Acoustic Network.

Reduce noise complaints and allow your guests to be in control of their own comfort to achieve a restful night’s sleep with an easy-to-use dial from MODIO® Guestroom Acoustic Control.

Enjoy a quick Return on Investment (ROI) with an easy-to-install solution optimized to your needs.


Increased privacy & noise compliance

With LogiSon sound masking systems, you don’t need to choose between comfort and performance

From office spaces to education facilities and a variety of other markets, maximize productivity and privacy with cutting-edge sound masking and acoustical technology that’s easy and quick to install.

Our full-service noise control, communication, and ambient noise solutions will help you take charge of your commercial space. Minimize sound disruption to your business with an expert team leading you every step of the way.

LogiSon Technology

Treat your staff or visitors to the ultimate experience of productivity, comfort, or privacy.

With our innovative, turnkey acoustic treatment and sound management services, you and your stakeholders will experience multiple benefits:


Enhance privacy


Improve concentration & productivity


Increase comfort & ambiance


Meet noise compliance & sustainability standards


Eliminate noise transfer and cross talk


Flexible deign that blends into your environment & provides a quick ROI

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MODIO - the optimal sound solution for hoteliers.

Increase customer loyalty and guest satisfaction with the optimal sound solution for hoteliers.

In the same way temperature and lighting can be controlled in a commercial building, now your guests can control their hotel room’s entire ambience with a simple dial and no need to pair phones or apps.

Costing less than an average one-night stay, your ROI will be quickly realized with background noise solutions that ensure an unforgettable, restful experience that sets your hotel apart.

MODIO Technology

Improve the customer experience, mask noise, and give your guests the best sleeping experience of their lives with subtle and easy-to-install systems

Just some of the benefits your custom sound solution will include:


Elevated comfort & satisfaction


Increased privacy


Seamless integration


Aesthetic considerations to match your space


Easy operation


High-performance sound


Enhanced experience for relaxation, sleep, or productivity


Customizable soundscapes


Sound Masking facts

Did you know?


Versatile Solutions

Our solutions are so versatile, we can install paging systems independently, utilizing technologies like LogiSon® for targeted communication.


Sound Masking Only

We can also implement sound masking solutions without paging or music components to simplify your system and reduce costs.


Paging/Music Only

It’s possible for our team to install dedicated paging or music systems without sound masking, using reliable brands such as Bogen or TOA Communications for seamless audio experiences.

Our Process

A full-service approach to seamless sound experiences.

01. Initial Discovery

Evaluating your acoustic needs, we’ll discuss how to create an exceptional auditory experience.

02. Design Phase

Turning your acoustic vision into reality, we’ll design sound solutions that blend seamlessly with your space

03. Design Review

Refining our sound solutions, we’ll ensure perfect alignment with your project's requirements.

04. Project Kick-Off

At Project Kick-Off, we’ll put our sound solutions into action, setting the stage for a successful acoustic transformation.

05. Installation

Our technicians will implement your sound solutions with precision, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance.

06. Project Closeout

Carrying out a comprehensive assessment, we’ll ensure our solutions meet your expectations before wrapping up your acoustic project.

07. Maintenance

If your commercial space is a fluid environment where people, furniture or other elements change, our System Performance Agreement (SPA) is a great option for you. It's a twice yearly optional plan that allows us to test the system after dynamics within your environment have changed, and ensures your system is always working at optimal performance.


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