Acoustical advisory demos & continuous education

Master Acoustics in a Way That Sounds Good to You

From architects to entire property management teams, we help you broaden your knowledge of acoustical solutions for commercial premises

Advance your knowledge of the latest in noise control technology and acoustical solutions.

Benefit from demos and training, delivered by an expert team.

Address your unique business or commercial property needs with a dedicated acoustical advisor.



Ready to build the perfect acoustical system? Experience our ‘Sounds Good Tour’

Expand your knowledge or empower your team with one-on-one acoustical advisory and system design, or ‘Lunch and Learn’ group seminars. We teach you how to create optimal sound environments that enhance the overall experience for your commercial project or property.


Training & Advisory

Training seminars, delivered by experienced advisors.

Our 'Sounds Good Tour' offers convenient one-hour ‘Lunch and Learn’ training seminars and acoustical advisory. Whether you book sessions for yourself, or your team  — gain valuable insights into optimizing environments to enhance productivity, comfort, and overall well-being with effective acoustic system technology and design.

Expert sound treatment advisory and system design.

Whether you're looking to create a serene atmosphere in a healthcare facility or promote productivity in an open-plan office, our our team of experts can help you enhance the look, sound, and feel of your commercial project from the initial assessment to the final implementation.

Our acoustical experts offer you:


Personalized sound treatment recommendations and assessments tailored to your needs and goals


Expert guidance on the selection of acoustical materials to achieve optimal results


Customized design plans that integrate seamlessly with your existing aesthetics and functionality


Ongoing support and fine-tuning to ensure your venue maintains its superior acoustic environment over time


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With clients in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and other areas of the US — we’re the leading choice for the supply, design and installation of acoustical systems.