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Sound Solution Group is proud to introduce a dynamic and diversified product range to address all of your commercial needs in the most cost-efficient and effective manner. 


The LogiSon® Acoustic Network is the industry’s first networked sound masking, paging, and music system and provides well-known productivity benefits. Sound masking is part of a proactive approach to providing employees with the productive space they need, by increasing employee concentration, restoring speech privacy, and creating acoustic comfort throughout your working environment. Please refer to the website below for further information on the value that the LogiSon® Acoustic Network can offer your organization.


MODIO® is a sound masking device specifically designed for hotel guest rooms. Noise is a frequent complaint amongst hotel guests.  External noises irritate occupants and disrupt sleep.  These dissatisfied guests are likely to tell others, in person or online.  MODIO is a solution that is easy for guests to use and is effective at covering noise. Please refer to the website below for further information on the value that MODIO can offer your property.

AKUSTUS designs and fabricates acoustic solutions for commercial, institutional, and residential spaces. AKUSTUS offers acoustic wall panels, ceiling baffles, clouds, and partitions that are designed to make your space sound as good as it looks. Their polyester fiber products are made from 50% recycled content originating from plastic water bottles. Microscopic air pockets in the material absorb sound energy, reduce reverberation, remove excess noise, and improve speech intelligibility.


The FlexaBoot™ Acoustical Return Air Boot is designed to significantly reduce or eliminate the problem of cross-talk between private offices and/or conference rooms caused by return air grilles. Without FlexaBoot, these return air grilles provide an uninterrupted path for sound to travel into unwanted areas, especially when the partitions do not extend to the deck above. The purpose of the FlexaBoot™ device is to ensure all areas of the suspended ceiling offer a uniform resistance to sound transmission generated from an adjacent area. 

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